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Hillsboro Beach
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Hillsboro Beach Florida, Hillsboro Beach Real EstateIronically, it was in Hillsboro Beach, Florida on October 9, 1887 that James 'Ed' Hamilton, one of Florida's legendary Barefoot Mailmen either drowned or was eaten by alligators while trying to swim across the Hillsboro Inlet. The inlet is now home to the famous Hillsboro Beach Lighthouse (1907) and the alligators have long been replaced by some of the most beautiful homes and beachfront property along South Florida's 'Gold Coast'.

Sandwiched between West Palm Beach / Deerfield Beach to the north and Pompano Beach / Fort Lauderdale to the south, 3.2 mile-long Hillsboro Beach has no congestion and almost every one of its 2,000 residents lives within a short walk of the ocean. Only 900 feet at its widest point, the only way in or out of the island is along its major road, State Road A1A (known locally as the 'Hillsboro Mile'). Hillsboro Beach has a unique governing system, with five commissioners managing the community. Town hall is at 1210 Hillsboro Mile. The Hillsboro Beach commission meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except August.

Hillsboro Beach Florida, Hillsboro Beach Real Estate

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